Private Education

by Ultrafeedy

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released October 10, 2016



all rights reserved


Ultrafeedy Brisbane, Australia

When 2 young up-start's from the northern suburbs of Brisbane decided to temporarily put down their beers and pick up some instruments, the ever-loud rock outfit Ultrafeedy was born. Bursting with energy, and some hearty banter in between, these guys take performing their art seriously (unlike their band bio). ... more

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Track Name: Private Education
She likes the boys who play football
'Cause they don't treat her well
She goes a million miles an hour
And then she wonders why she's still in hell

He plays call of duty
When he's not on Facebook
He busts his ass for a paycheck
Just so he can go out for a look
(We got to celebrate the weekend)

I want to get my kids a private education

And I'm so sick of talking
About my big dumb head
Sick of trying to find the answers
When I should be giving up instead

I'm gonna need some money
Guitar might pay the rent
But it won't give my kids a chance
Unless they want to turn out like their dad
(Would it be so bad?)


I want them to be all they can be
An opportunity to get the opportunities they deserve
A chance to be heard

Track Name: Modern Living
Everybody's always frustrated
and every day I see the complaining
I don't know why it's on my head

All my money's lost to the winner
All my loves been spent on the sinner
And I'm still so shy when I see red

It's always repeating
Now and your cheating me out of what's mine
You talk the talk but
Your not walking towards the finishing line
You can keep your sorry
Don't tell me not to worry tonight

My pro's and con's have all been debated
my life feels like the colours are faded
and I'm still so tired when I get out of bed


I guess that I got lost in the moment
Too focused on a single component
But you still lied, with all the shit that you said

Track Name: Blurry (Live at The Zoo)
Why's everybody so blurry
And my stomach is churning
And my mind is still hurting


I'm still disconcerting
And my chest is still burning
And my heart is still yearning